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Versilia best coast and beaches in tuscany Italy la versiliana

Riviera of Versilia a rare sandy white beach closest to Florence greatest beaches in tuscany

In province of Lucca which extends from Forte dei Marmi, commonly called "il Forte" , passing through Marina di Pietrasanta Lido di Camaiore Viareggio until Torre del Lago and it expands into the municipalities of Seravezza and Stazzema. La Versiliana beach seaside Several miles of beautiful clean white sandy beaches restaurants and shops. Beautiful beaches, enjoyment and exciting night life on versilia.

With its beaches and its sea (blue flag certified), hills, parks and Apuan St. Flushing, Lake Massaciuccoli Versilia is one of the ideal destinations for a vacation of relaxation and nature. Here you will find many opportunities to spend a wonderful holiday. You could spend your time on our beaches or hiking in the Apuan Alps or in parks, or walk over the splendid avenues of Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, enjoy our fresh seafood in a typical restaurant, and finally let yourself down into the fun of life night where the lights of night are linked with those of the morning.

Versilia is now pioneering an elite tourism, a worldliness that preserves its original splendor. Good food and clean sea make always a point of reference for those seeking an exclusive holiday.

Versilia Hinterland
A unique, long and beautiful sandy shore delimits Versilia from the Tirreno sea. The hinterland, protected from behind by the close Alpi Apuane Mountains, is the ideal starting point to get to the typical mountain villages of Seravezza and Stazzema which represent the heart of the so-called “Alta Versilia”. All of the coast offers entertainment to its hosts, while the hinterland will surprise you with its nature, its culture, its history, its tradition and its art. It is in fact possible to mix crazy nights with others of complete relax. Each tourist will have to choose from romantic walks, tours, gala evenings, national and international events, night clubs, dinners in refined restaurants or typical “trattorie” and much else.

Versilia well known for its wide and long fine sand beach and its mountains which give it a special nice weather. It offers moreover the chance of visiting the most important touristic centres of Tuscany that can make your holiday really complete.

Versilia renowned name is not only deserved for its beautiful sandy beaches, in the shade of the Apuan Alps. It has been the homeland and meeting point of great artists since the beginnings of 1900.

In those days, world-known artists, such as Lorenzo Viani and Galileo Chini, have made Versilia famous. It was the Liberty period, which has still left its strong mark in the lounges and palaces in Viareggio.

Also in those days, Pietrasanta became the destination for sculptors who found there not only well-equipped workshops where they could accomplish their works in marble, but also the most skilled art foundry.

In the nearby Camaiore, rich in memories and monuments, every year the "Tappeti di segatura" (Sawdust Rugs) festival takes place.


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Enjoy the beach
You can enjoy the wide, endless beaches. Most of students meet at the "Bagno italia" beach resort. You can lay on the sand to get a tan under the sun, or sit in a chair snd read a book under an umbrella.

Enjoy the cooking

You will not forget the excellent cuisine. There are several famous Viareggian fish dishes, as well the traditional Tuscan cuisine. You may prefer a pizza prepared in the traditional way or a terrific "spaghetti allo Scoglio" (spaghetti with seafood). Don't miss out on savoring the wonderful range of Tuscan wines, such as the "Montecarlo" white wine or the more classic "Chianti" reds. Most dishes are served with vegetables.

Enjoy the nightlife

At night you can take a quiet "passeggiata" (stroll) along the promenade, maybe tasting a "gelato" (Italian ice-cream), or choose the exciting nightlife. Viareggio, with its well-known "Versilian" discos, was a starting point for many a famous italian singers. In July and August you can see the "Puccini Festival" in Torre del Lago.

From there, the road to Lucca, which crosses tiny villages and, along which numerous antique villas capture visitors' attention.

Versilia is the pearl of the Apuan Riviera, a suggestive sandy coast bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the most limpid mirror for the Apuan Alps to reflect their majestic image. This "marble kingdom" familiar to Michelangelo offers excursions to the quarries of Carrara and Massa and spectacular views of the coast introduced by luxuriant hills and pine woods.



The climate is very temperate with an average of 270 sunny days a year in which to enjoy the many attractions in this area: sport and folklore, art shows, cultural meetings, and plenty of shopping and social life.

Versilia has a very well-developed network of roads and railroads lines, and excellent bus and coach services providing links between the coast and the interior of Tuscany. Viareggio, whose fishing port grew alongside the boat building industry as the early bathing establishments began to develop, is the largest centre of Versilia. Close to Torre del Lago Puccini, it is famous for its winter Carnival, its smooth and wide sandy beach and its lush pine park.

Forte dei Marmi has been the most fashionable resort in Versilia since the first elegant holiday homes were built in 1800, surrounded by pine forests opening onto a splendid beach. It has since attracted artists, painters, poets and writers who were enchanted by its surroundings, now equipped with high quality tourist facilities, although it retains the relaxed atmosphere of a small residential community. Also visit the Apuans Alps (mountains)

A Sundown on the Viareggio harbor

Beyond and up on the mountains, Seravezza is the marble centre of upper Versilia, and has a noble history which can be traced through its imposing cathedral and impressive Palazzo Mediceo, while the neighbouring town of Pietrasanta presents some of the loveliest monuments in Versilia in its suggestive square, which is a "living room" for residents and tourists, not to mention the variety of international artists who provide a lively cultural environment all year around.

Today the versilia and its sea attracts so many Italian and foreign tourists. The whole coastline is equipped with organised beaches that offer a service characterised by traditional Tuscany welcome and by all the comforts you might request during a holiday.

Versilia and environs covers a surface of 165 square kilometres, including the province of Lucca. It occupies the north-western part of Tuscany, between the ridge of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a coastal strip of about 20 kilometres in length. The south is bordered by the Lake of Massaciuccoli and the thichet of Migliarino, white the north is bordered by the mouth of the Cinquale.

The territory of Versilia is divided into the administrative Communes of Pietrasanta, Forte di Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema. Camaiore, Massarosa and Viareggio are the outskirs. It is a strip of coastline 10 kilometres wide at its minimum and 18 at its maximum. Despite this, the natural environments are quite varied. In fact, from Versilia's highest peak, la Pania della Croce, 1859 metres above sea level, to Forte dei Marmi, it is only 15 kilometres in a beeline.

The climate is naturally affected by the geographical configuration of this territory. At sea level, during the hot seasons, the mountains moderate the humidity, while the winter is more temperate due to the beneficial influence of the sea.


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Famous events in Versilia

Viareggio's Carnival

Also visit the Apuans Alps ( mountains )


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