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Near Lucca: Garfagnana area: Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca at the Garfagnana Valley, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy Luxuriant forests and thriving meadows rise from the bottom of the valley almost to the summit of the mountains. The ltalian Switzerland

Bagni di Lucca has been so called since 1862. Before then it was called Bagno a Corsena having been known since late roman times. In 1101 the Countess Matilda of Tuscany had the Ponte della Maddalena "The Devil's Bridge" built so that she could reach it from its health-giving springs. In 1245 the Emperor Frederick Il set out to visit it with all his court, while in 1304 the inhabitants of the Spa were exempted from military service so the thermal springs made Bagno a Corsena a European resort and it was christened "The ltalian Switzerland".

Mr. Val Belli Architect A.I.A. a very famous architect of mediterranian style villas living and working in Santa Cruz California USA Val Belli Architects A.I.A.

Poet, artist and personalities such as Michel de Montaigne, Ippolito d'Este, Vittorio Alfieri, Ferdinad Ill Grand duke of Tuscany, Paolina Borghese, the sister of Napoleon, Metternich, Field Marshall Radestsky, Shelley, Byron, Montesquieu, Puccini, Montale and Toscanini were all found here, taking the waters and planning future activities at leisure.

Today Bagni di Lucca is a charming little Spa town, nestling in the green valley of the river Lima at the foot of the Apennines, which lie between Tuscany and Emilia. This position 1 ends to it something of the aspects of a mountain resort in spite of its actual altitude of just less than 500 ft above sea leval. Consisting of three majer centres, "Villa", "Ponte a Serraglia" and "Fornoli", it's surrounded by a constellation of villages and hamlets and the whole area is rich in artistic and natural beauties.

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The properties of their waters were know from Roman times onwards but a parchment dated April 3" 1921 record' the formation of fhe firmal compamy set up to exploit the waters of "Bagno a Corsena" as the Spa was then ealled. This places it among the oldest of European health resorts. Much frequented during thc Renaissance, it received a great boost in the period 1805-1814, during the reign of Elisa Baciocchi, who had the buildings of the hydro restored. Between 1817 and 1847 there was a great development of tourism band an expansion of hotel accommodation to encourage the growing British community, which included poets like Byron and Shelley. The thermal complex is based upon 19 springs of water containing salts of sulphur and calcium reaching a natural temperature of up to 67° Fahrenheit (54° C) and of varying coneentration, warmth and radioactivity. At the establishments knows as "Jean Varraud" and "Casa Boccella" a series Spa treatments may be taken such as it would be difficult to find in any other single location. These include plunge baths, mud treatment, the grotto of natural vapour and inhalation treatment. They are particularly indicated of internai and gynaecological complains, wounds and respiratory and rheumatic diseases. The waters of the "Bernabò baths" on the other band are less reach in salts bot more radioactive and adapted to the treatment of skin conditions. Apart from the older Spa establishment a complex of three thermal swimming pools has been set up in the garden of "Villa Ada" which is open in the Summer month. At the "Villa" itself the visitors may take the waters and there by beoefit from their notable biliary and hepatic qualities which serve for the relief of kidney-and gail-stones and of congestion of the liver. (click for more...)


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