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Weather condition forecast in Tuscany and Italy

Real time weather conditions in Tuscany and Italy real time weather conditions in Tuscany and other parts of Italy. The latest weather report for cities in Tuscany Sea-conditions Sky conditions and phenomena Temperature Wind Sea-conditions Here you can inform yourself about the conditions a few days before departure. Nearby Locations

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Siena - Chianti

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Siena - Chianti

Siena - Chianti

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Tuscany encompasses many diverse terrains and landscapes and the rules change from one zone to the next.

When to Go: The main tourist season in Italy and tuscany runs from mid-April to the end of September. The best time to visit Italy nad tuscany is the slower season, from April to June and in September/October, when the weather is usually good, the prices are lower and there are fewer tourists. Foreign tourists crowd the major cities at Easter, when Italians flock to resorts and the countryside. The weather is warm enough for beach visits in most of the country from June to September but during August (high season) it is very hot, prices are inflated and a large number of businesses, including shops and restaurants close down during that month as the owners are trying to escape the crowds and the heat.

The best period in Tuscany

Most beautiful in May, September and October these are the best months for escaping the heat and the crowds and to enjoy the colorful of spring and autumn where days are still warm and there's plenty of sunshine to enjoy. June, July and August are the busiest, most expensive and hottest times to travel. However, we’ve often found airline tickets for only $500 in May and September. The weather is also a pleasant 70 to 75 degrees then.

Average temperatures in Tuscany and Weather Forecast in Fthe major cities in Tuscany and Italy.

Daytime temp. (?C) 11 13 16 19 23 27 30 30 27 22 16 12
Night time temp. (?C) 3 3 6 8 12 15 18 17 15 11 7 4
Sea temp. 12 12 13 14 16 20 22 24 22 20 17 14
Sunlight hours 4 4 5 6 7 9 10 9 7 6 4 4
Days when it rains 9 7 8 8 9 6 3 4 6 9 11 9

°Fahrenheit = 32.0 + 1.8 x °Celcius

Weather & climate in Tuscany
In general the climate in Tuscany is very mild. There are little differences between the regions, though. Rule of thumb: at the coast and in the valleys the summers are hotter than in the hilly areas, where the climate is very continental – rain falls are more often. Usually the summers in Tuscany are without rain and very hot, especially in the valleys. Spring (april and may) and autumn (october and november) might be rainy but there are still dry, sunny days. In the winter there are sunny, mild days but at night it sometimes gets very cold. July ist he hottest month with temperatures from 23°C up to 30°C. Especially in the valleys the teperatures sometimes rise up high. In the coldest month – january- there are about 7°C at the coast and about 3,5°C to 5,5°C inside the country. Of course the temperature in the mountainious areas is below.

Tourist season:
The main season is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at that time of the year is very beautiful. For going seightseeing the summer months are sometimes too hot and the museums and cities are overcrowded. For sightseeing tours the winter month could be contemplated. During the last years family vacations in Tuscany during the summer got more and more attractive.

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